toddler kitchen helper step stool for kids
toddler kitchen helper step stool for kids

You’re looking for one of these great items to keep your little one safe when you’ve got a toddler who wants to take part in the activity in the kitchen or your child who wants to be able to reach the sink to wash his or her hands. Fortunately, there is a much better alternative to regular chairs. A kitchen helper toddler is a piece of furniture that doubles as a step stool and makes it easier for your child to reach high countertops and sinks. In this article, our reviews of the best child kitchen helper toddler available on the market today.


It’s a stool with rails around the top so your toddler will not fall, and safety has your blossoming baby at counter height. It gives your child the independence to climb up and down that keep them safe from falling off.

When you’re preparing a meal in the kitchen, your child wants to help or at least be there to provide support. They can help you cook, just watch, play with a toy on the counter or play with water at the sink, etc. In this case, considering that they can stand with you at kitchen with the child kitchen helper toddler. It is a better and safer alternative that won’t be in danger of falling on the ground.

All of these kitchen helpers toddler offers a wide, stable step, comfort and supportive sides for the child. We believe that your children to love being in the kitchen every day or many times a day with you.


The kitchen helper toddler functions in an excellent manner and makes your child safe and comfortable where your child will be safe with the side walls. It provides a safer alternative to a chair for your child in the kitchen. You can fold this device if the device is not in use.

A kitchen helper for toddlers have very important benefits which is a user-friendly device for the child, it secures a safe to lift your children to the counter height in the kitchen, a height adjustable platform that can be customized in accordance with the size of the child, the kitchen helper toddler is a great way to have some bonding time with the child while you are preparing a meal. Make sure to keep them away from sharp objects, hot pots and stuff like that and stay safe while in the kitchen.

Depending on the size of your child that the product can be used by children between 18 months and 6 years of age can climb up a few steps. The kitchen helper for toddlers is the best choice for you.


A step stool becomes essential once your toddler wants to do things by themselves, they want to help out in the kitchen, making some cookies, decorating a pizza or cooking with you. In this case, your child needs to use a chair that made sure it will fit in your kitchen and still allow you to move about the room easily. For your child’s safety, let’s look at your top choices so you can decide which would fit your family and space best with the kitchen helper toddler for children.

Let’s see overview a few features first before you shell out some cash on one of the below options:

  • Height and stability: The height of the kitchen helper toddler will match that of your counter height in the kitchen. Some are a simple a tiny staircase.
  • Anti-slip surface: The stepping surface should be slip-proof to provide a firm foothold for your child’s feet and prevent them from sliding and losing balance.
  • Material: Material toddler step stools are mostly made of plastic, wood, or polypropylene because they are not only durable but also lighter and safer than metal.
  • Weight: The weight limit requirements for children meets and the right weight should be determined by the type, location, and frequency of the stool usage.
  • Size: Fit in your kitchen and still allow you to move about the room easily.
  • Colors available: Step stools that are available in a wide variety of colors that give you more options to select your child’s favorite color or to match them with your décor.
  • Storage: Needs to ample storage space to hold it when not in use.
  • Warranty: Some manufacturers are confident enough in their product’s performance and durability to let you test it beforehand with a money back guarantee for a varied period.


1. Boon PIVOT Toddler Tower Montessori Toddler Kitchen Stool Helper:

The kitchen helper for toddlers is both big and strong which Boon PIVOT’s Kitchen Helper wants to guarantee excellent stability for your child in the kitchen. It’s made from a steel which is sturdy and long-lasting. The safety rails on all the four sides prevent them from falling and the sticky pads attached the legs to avoid skidding that will provide safety for your children in the kitchen. This kids kitchen step stool is perfect for teaching kids ages 18 months to 4 years old, with a weight capacity of up to 50 lbs. It’s also the ease of assembly in minutes to fit the screws into the holes.

Boon Pivot Toddler Tower


  • Adjustable positioning to ensure suitability for different ages.
  • Safety rails on all sides attachment with anti-skidding pads.
  • Easy assembly with sturdy and durable steel.
  • Excellent durability and lifetime guarantee on parts.


  • Heavy and tricky to move around.

2. LITTLE PARTNERS Toddler & Adult Step Up Stool for Kitchen With 3-in-1 Adjustable Height:

The Step Up Stool for Kitchen by Little Partners is perfect the choice for both child’s toddler and adults. It has three different height options for the kitchen and the bathroom. Featuring a sturdy construction of solid birch wood with anti-slip stickers, tall sides and built-in hand grip rails for kids to hold on as they climb. The light weighted feature of the device will help you to move around in the kitchen, bathroom or any area.


  • Multiple safety features with kids and adults.
  • 3-position height adjustment and built-in safety rails.
  • Lightweight and can double up as a seat.
  • Non-skidding materials used.


  • Can be used only for toddlers.
  • The surface of the steps is slippery if it gets wet.

3. GUIDECRAFT Kitchen Helper Tower Step Up:

The Step-Up Kitchen Helper has a simple design by Guidecraft. It is designed to safely and securely elevate children to countertop height in the kitchen counter or the other anywhere. Easily adjusts to two platform heights and features hand holds to assist in climbing up and down. Your child can be involved in daily activities in the kitchen doing something as: baking, mixing, preparing food, cleaning up or other hands-on situations. The step-up kitchen helper can double as a step stool for parents or older children when needed.


  • The step up kitchen helper is easily clean with a damp cloth.
  • Platform adjusts to two heights.
  • Hand-holds assist children climbing up and down steps.
  • Light enough to move easily.
  • Birch plywood with a child-safe polyurethane finish.


  • It is prone to scratches which can be pretty visible in dark colors.
  • It is also pretty hard to assemble.

 4. GUIDECRAFT Kitchen Helper High Rise Step Up For Toddlers:

The kitchen helper high rise step up for toddlers is a sleek and stylish kitchen tower to help your child enjoy playing and learning in the kitchen right alongside you. Because the back is not enclosed, this may work best for the older kids that are more aware and skilled. The hand-holds will help them climb and they will also help them while going down the steps easily. It is extremely lightweight, so your child can easily move it around the home or use outside the kitchen.


  • There are hand-holds to help kids climbing up and down the steps easily.
  • Lightweight and easily move it around.
  • Can be used outside the kitchen.


  • The steps are a bit narrow and there is a danger of falling.

5. LITTLE PARTNERS Learning Tower Kids Kitchen Step Stool For Toddlers:

The Little Partners Learning Tower has all the features needed to help your child feel confident helping in the kitchen for you. It is adjustable to four different potential heights, your child can climb up onto the tower portion and stand in an enclosed space on a very roomy platform that can be hold on securely for children. Four-sided frame has safety rails, hand holds and a non-slip platform to allow your child to climb in and out safely without toppling out. With a 250-pound weight limit, this learning tower has room for two children at a time. It comes with sturdy legs and will decrease the risk of toppling the step stool.


  • Great for toddlers 18 months and older.
  • This sturdy kitchen tower is very easy to put together.
  • An adjustable to four different potential heights.
  • A non-toxic, safe, durable, natural wood finish.


  • It cannot be folded for storage and it’s pretty big.
  • Small children will be falling out the large openings on the sides.

6. GUIDECRAFT Child Kitchen Helper Toddlers A Reliable Product:

This is the top-rated devices among the entire kitchen helper products that are available in the market and perfect choice for families want to safe for your children in the kitchen. It’s design comes with attractive construction, lightweight and easy to move. It comes with a chalk and whiteboard already on it, making an interactive toy for your toddler and folds up for easy storage. This feature attracts the kids and does not make them try any other naughty things. Besides, it has a broad platform, adjustable height allowing your toddler to be comfortable and safe while helping in the kitchen.

The usage of high-quality raw materials and the perfect design to hold the child. So, it’s very safe and definitely one of the best kid’s kitchen helper products on the market.


  • Chalkboard and a wipe-off marker board.
  • Convenient dimensions and excellent fit for smaller spaces.
  • A broad platform.
  • It folds up for easy storage.
  • Usage of high-quality wood materials.
  • Adjustable height and easy to assemble of this kitchen helper.


  • You will need tools to adjust height.


The products above are all excellent choices for kitchen and there are a few features you should keep in mind:

  • Guard rails: Your child need to be able to climb up on the kitchen tower safely by holding onto hand rails or guard rails.
  • Adjustable height: You should be able to change the height as your kids get bigger and older.
  • Easy to clean: You should be choose a good material and finished with child-safe polyurethane paint that is easy to clean.

By keeping these suggestions in mind, I am sure they can help you make the smartest decision for your needs. Hope the above functions with the top 6 best picks will help you to choose the right type of kitchen helper toddler for your children.

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