Making a choice between plastic or wooden material for kitchen play sets can turn difficult for many parents.

This should not be so. The 2 types of play kitchen have their advantages and disadvantages. Know this is the main factor that will help you make your decision fast. Another factor is to take into account you and your child’s needs. This can also help you decide quickly.

You should know that both plastic and wooden play kitchens do contain other materials. Stainless steel units are common with children’s kitchens. They’re only classified as wooden and plastic because those are the two primary materials.

Size & Counter Height

As far as finding the right size play kitchen set for kids that it’s tough to go wrong. And even bigger kids still enjoy playing with smaller play kitchen sets. That be sure to measure the space you plan to put your new play kitchen sets.

Design and Color:

The selection of wooden play kitchens sets come in just about every style and color for means you can pick the perfect play kitchen to vibe with your home’s design.


Most play kitchens sets come with at least a few accessories like cups, spoons, pots, pans, dishes and other food. You can always buying additional play kitchen accessories later.


Most kid’s kitchen play sets are made of either wood or plastic. Wooden children’s play kitchens tend to last longer, look more realistic to your kids but expensive. Plastic play kitchens often come in at a lower price point, but often at the cost of quality.

Your Kid’s Interests:

You may be choose a gender-neutral design so your little kid doesn’t think of play kitchens as a girl’s. Whatever, only parent know the features that will make a play kitchen the perfect fit for their little chef.


A wooden kitchen is a weighty object. It is not to be moved around constantly. The best thing is to find a permanent spot for it in the home. On the other hand, plastic kitchens are usually lightweight. They can be moved around in the home as the need arises.

Is yours a family that is constantly on the move? Consider buying a plastic play kitchen. And if there is a possibility that your kid will need to play with the kitchen anywhere in the house for example, when other families are visiting, you should also consider a plastic play set.


Wooden kitchens usually last longer than plastic kitchens. They can be passed on from one sibling to the other. Plastic kitchens don’t have the sturdiness of wooden kitchens.Step2 Fun with Friends Kids Kitchen, Indoor/Outdoor Play Kitchen Set

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What are the pros and cons of plastic and wooden kitchens?

Plastic or Wooden, which play kitchen should I buy?

PVC Material for Kitchen Play Set: PVC (Poly-Vinyl Chloride) material is sheets made of plastic composite. Most of the thing as pipes, plumbing or bathroom are made of PVC. Due to its ease of availability and durability that it has so many uses in life.


  • PVC materials are cost-effective and lack strength.
  • With an array of colours and in ready-to-fit boards.
  • These ready-to-fit PVC are lightweight and easy to install.
  • PVC kitchen play sets are super easy to clean, and don’t keep any types of stains.
  • These materials are termite-free, waterproof, oil-proof and anticorrosive.
  • At any given point of time that you can replace PVC without much of hassle.


  • While PVC are easy to install and use, the difficult part is the screws and hinges used in joining these PVC boards tend to loosen over time.
  • Kitchen play sets are the place where the furniture are exposed to heat, oil or water. This PVC kitchen play sets have low thermal resistance and fire resistance.


Wooden Material for Kitchen Play Sets: In recent times, there are several options available in wooden kitchen play sets for kids. A few of them are Plywood or Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). Plywoods is carpenter-friendly and can be used for kitchen play with best finishes.


  • Wooden kitchen play with their classic and timeless beauty, beautiful colour variations and natural grain patterns bring in a nice natural look like real of wooden kitchen cabinet.
  • Since the material is very flexible, MDF can be modified into various shapes, sizes or can also add beautiful designs.
  • It has a wide range of options in the market. You can personalise it by adding designs or just paint them to match with your kitchen.
  • Wooden kitchen play go a lot of wear and tear as they are regularly used. The surface of wooden kitchen play sets can easily be cleaned irrespective of how strong the stains are. But you have to remember is not to use any harsh chemicals to clean the wooden surface.
  • They have relatively higher durability and can last for many years.


  • MDF isn’t preferred in the kitchen as the material can bulge when it comes in contact with water or moisture.
  • They do require high and frequent maintenance.
  • The premium quality, higher durability and versatility of the wood increase the cost.
  • Each block of your kitchen play needs to be measured and customised to fit together. Complex installation process.
  • They may be attacked by termites, wood borers, and other insects.

KidKraft Vintage Wooden Play Kitchen

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How old is the kid you are buying it for?

For safety reasons, play kitchen sets are recommended for 2-year old and above. Many toy cooking sets come with small parts and accessories that can pose a health hazard to little ones.

Since kids can use toy kitchens deep into their teens, taking into consideration the age of your child can help determine the type of toy kitchen you will buy.

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