The KidKraft Play Kitchen set range provides a wonderful world of imagination, creative play, and life skills training for your little kitchen helper.

Buying any of the KidKraft play kitchen items has never been easier from single appliance pieces to entire full-service toy kitchen models. Your child will feel like a real chef when he whips up a mix juice or “bakes” a batch of Christmas cookies for Santa.

All the proportions of these KidKraft Play Kitchen toys are made for young children in mind which make the experience more fun and realistic as well.

Choose a KidKraft Play Kitchen toy for your child, and watch his or her creative mind grow while learning about kitchen safety, nutrition, and basic cooking techniques. KidKraft play kitchens review provide hours of entertainment and can be stored neatly away in your child’s toy chest or closet.

KidKraft has a fascinating history when it comes to toy kitchens. Some of their landmark kitchen sets are outlines below. Please note that some of these play kitchens are no more available in the market.

1. KidKraft Large Kitchen:

It’s time for the kids to cook up some creativity cookies with our classic kitchen. Painted in bright pastel colors, KidKraft Large Kitchen will impress every kid who spots it. This play kitchen showcases a tall interactive toy refrigerator, toy freezer, toy oven and life like toy microwave which they all can open and close easily.

The play safe see-through doors on oven and microwave make it easy for kids to find their kitchen items and a removable sink for quick and easy cleaning, which is the best feature:KidKraft Wooden Large Pastel Play Kitchen

  • Knobs on the oven and sink are realistic.
  • It has a large convenient storage above and below the sink for all those kitchen extras.
  • This play kitchen is constructed very well and can handle day to day wear and tear.
  • The paint is all non – toxic and safe to play with.

2. KidKraft Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen:

The little ones will feel just like mom and dad or a chef when they cook up fun with the Deluxe Big and Bright Kitchen from KidKraft.

KidKraft Ultimate Corner Wooden Play Kitchen

This wooden play kitchen is cute, colorful and built to last! The features of this toy kitchen:

  • Refrigerator, freezer, oven and microwave open and close
  • See-through doors on oven and microwave
  • Knobs on oven and sink turn and click
  • Convenient storage above and below the sink
  • Water graphics on the dishwasher
  • Large enough for a few kids playing together

3. Deluxe Let’s Cook Kitchen:

With this Deluxe Let’s Cook Kitchen, kids can cook up a feast without getting a single dish dirty. This adorable pretend kitchen is one gift all the young chefs in your life are sure to enjoy.

KidKraft Large Wooden Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds, Icemaker, Play Phone, White

  • A fantastic choice of bold primary colors
  • Kids safe see-through doors on oven and microwave
  • Large size refrigerator and freezer
  • Oven and microwave with open and close actions
  • Convenient storage above and below the sink for all the extra kitchen appliances and kitchen utensils.

This kitchen toy set is large enough that multiple children can play at once and is made of wood so it can handle the every day knocks.

4. KidKraft Red Vintage Kitchen:

Young chefs will love cooking up feasts for the whole family with this adorable wooden kitchen. The toy vintage kichen set is such hit with so many people.

That often they sell out in the high season of Christmas so try to get one as soon as you can if you are after one of these toy kitchen sets.

KidKraft Red Vintage Wooden Play Kitchen

The red vintage kitchen has some great features like a toy ladle, toy pot and fancy dress apron, all the doors open and close with easy and the realistic oven knobs make clicking sounds when turned.

It comes with a cordless toy phone to talk with friends, a removable sink for easy cleanup, this fantistic toy kitchen is constructed from wood and is very sturdy.

5. KidKraft Retro Wooden Play Kitchen and Refrigerator:

Kids will love being the head chef with the Retro Wooden Play Kitchen. With fun retro colors, detailed design and interactive features, such as the oven and dishwasher open and close, 2-piece modular design for unique layouts, the knobs on oven, dishwasher and sink turn and the removable sink is easy to clean.

KidKraft Retro Wooden Play Kitchen and Refrigerator 2-Piece Set with Faucet

The beautiful high-gloss, chip-resistant finish on the Retro Kitchen by Kidkraft is sturdy and large enough that multiple children can play at once.

The Retro Wooden Play Kitchen is made of wood and comes packaged with comprehensive, simple-to-understand assembly instructions. Kids and adults will have a great time when imaginations start cookin’ up some fun.

6. Kidkraft Primary Island Kitchen:

Cooking and creativity come together in this toy. Perfectly sized for kids, this kitchen is great for imaginative play and let’s-pretend. Finished in Primary colors our island kitchen has tons of features and a  compact design.

KidKraft Chef’s Cook N Create Island Play Kitchen

This toy includes a complete set of accessories :

  • overhead microwave with see-through window
  • an upper shelf to stay organized and tidy chalkboard for notes and recipes
  • 2 molded x-shaped burners and 2 knobs 1 plastic sink with wooden faucets
  • 1 mini-refrigerator clasp door and silk-screened water dispenser
  • 1 dish-washer with magnet clasp door and round wooden knobs
  • Roller towel holder for real-sized paper towels beneath counter top
  • Oven with wooden tray and magnet-clasp door
  • Lower double shelf for extra storage
  • Wooden phone on side of kitchen
  • Silk-screened clock with movable hands to tell the time.

7. Kidkraft Prairie Kitchen:

Feed your little chef’s passion with the KidKraft Prairie Kitchen. Treat your child to a world of culinary play in this elegant, white, pink and natural-finish pretend kitchen and enjoy the masterpieces the kid cooks up!

KidKraft 53222 Modern Country Kitchen Toy

KidKraft Prairie Kitchen Features:

    • Heart-shaped artwork and gold details
    • A small dishwasher
    • Storage drawers that open and close
    • It also has a removable sink for quick and easy clean-up.

This kitchen toy measures approx. 22.1 L x 91.7 H x 53.3 W and it has a solid construction made of wood. This toy is recommended for for children older than 3 years.

8. KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen:

Get out your chef’s hat and apron, because it’s time to cook up some fun! The KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen is perfect for any young chef who loves to help mom and dad in the kitchen.

KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen

It would make a great gift for any occasion: Christmas or birthday. It features the whole range of accessories: refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, microwave and washing machine doors that all open and close and a removable sink for quick and easy cleaning.


With designs made in durable wood or plastic, the best play kitchens effortlessly fit in with any home decor. KidKraft Play Kitchens are an investment letting your little chef’s imagination run wild, nothing beats a play kitchen. We considered these criteria in the real world before narrowing down our list of the best play kitchens.

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