What is creative play definition?

Creative play is when your child uses imagination when playing with toys, doing art work, creating puppet shows, pretending to be a chef in a play kitchen or building a Barbie house out of stones. It simply means using creativity and imagination during play time.

A Society of Over-scheduled Children

We are now living in a society of over scheduled children. Instead of children coming to Mom and saying, “Hey Mom, look at this robot I made out of sticks and cardboard!” they’re saying, “Hey Mom, look at this ribbon I won for first place!” Even 3 year olds! There’s no doubt that activities are important for a child’s physical development, but if a child is spending all day at school and all evening in activities then where is there time to fit in creative play? Also, where is there time to just be a kid who likes to goof around here and there? Isn’t that what you wanted to do as a kid?

Play is Innate in All of Us

Humans are born to play. It’s in our nature. Play is essential to our existence. Play helps us connect to others and brings out excitement within ourselves. Not only does it stimulate the brain and body, play also helps to calm and relax us. Even as adults! It?s been proven that creative play helps children develop important life skills such as imagination, creativity, problem-solving and it enhances mental health. Developing these life skills also helps children do better in school.

Self-Guided Creative Play is Essential

Studies have also shown that kids who participate in self-guided creative play are better able to regulate their own behaviors and emotions compared to other kids their age. When kids participate in self-guided creative play they get a chance to be independent and take more responsibility for their actions. So next time your child has some free time after all his or her activities and reaches for the TV remote or sits at the computer, you might want to suggest some ideas for creative play.

How Creative Play Toys Can Help

If you set-up your child’s playroom with some fun creative play toys then you’re sure to spark creative play time. It’s like setting the scene of a play; once the props are created the play can begin. Consider getting a play kitchen set or workshop to inspire the little chef or craftsmen in your youngster. Dollhouses or Knights and Castles are two other great toys that will have your child create fun adventures for hours. A kid’s puppet theater and adorable puppets will ignite your child?s imagination while also keeping you entertained watching hours of fun plays written by your own in house play-write.

Don’t forget the creativity that oozes out of all kids when placed in-front-of an artist easel. Give your child a paint set and easel and watch his or her imagination explode! You?ll also be amazed at how a simple chalkboard or pad of paper, crayons and markers can inspire your child to create a beautiful masterpiece. Bring out the little rock star in your youngster by adding some musical instruments to the mix. I’m sure some of the toys I?ve mentioned brought back some fun memories from your own childhood. Think about your favorite past creative play moments when choosing toys for your child?s playroom.

Creative Games

You can also do your part to enhance your child?s creativity and imagination by playing very simple, yet fun games together. You and your child can play creatively during snack time, in the car, on a walk or just sitting in an empty room. Imagination is a wonderful thing, it’s always with us and you don?t necessarily need any tools to bring it out of a person. Just simple verbal triggers can do the trick.

Cracker Critters

You can use every day snacks to enhance your child’s imagination. When your child is chomping on crackers or a piece of toast, yell, “Hault!” Have your child hold up the half bitten cracker and ask him what he thinks it looks like. You’ll be amazed at what your youngster can imagine. You can do the same with anything your child is eating. With each bite, look at the toast or cracker or cookie again and see what it looks like next. You can both take a turn biting your own food then saying what it looks like. Continue until you take the last bite. Your child will eat more slowly, which is good for digestion, and you’ll have great fun using your imaginations. Remember, play is great for adults too!

Story Building

This activity can be done verbally with younger children or on paper with older children who can write. Develop the first part of a story “Once upon a time there was a little girl that had a puppy named Polka Dot” then let your child say or write the next sentence. You do the next and so on until one of you comes up with a good ending. You might write a one pager, short story or novel, but either way this is a great way to strengthen the imagination.

Cloud Pictures

Who doesn’t love to gaze at the clouds, but did you know they can be a great way to enhance the imagination. When in the car or on a walk you can glance at the sky, pick a cloud and spew out all the things the cloud looks like. It might resemble a basic piece of cotton to a 3 year old, or the cookie Monster to a 5 year old or might look like a lion to an older child. This is a great way to get the brain energized and the imagination sparked.

Use your Imagination

Consider putting some thought and using your well developed imagination to come up with other ways to do creative play with your child. You might amaze yourself and recall some fun creative play activities you did as a child that you can recreate for your special youngster. Think about how many times you have to use your imagination or creativity throughout your day. You might have to cut a sandwich in a heart shape to get your child to eat egg salad or you might throw Cheerios in the toilet to use as your son’s toilet training targets. As parents, we use our creativity and imagination all the time and how do you think you developed that wonderful trait? Through creative play of course!

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